So the beloved car you bought 20 years ago no longer cranks over or you just crashed your car but have no insurance, you can still receive cash for that car, truck or van.  Depending on what you have, your vehicle may be worth money in scrap metal or, if newer, money in parts.   In fact if that 20 year old car that still runs but you cant seem to sell due to its age and lack of buyers, we can still get you money for that car.


Cash for Junk Cars makes selling that junk car easy.  Call us Toll Free at (888) 519-5131 or fill out this short ONLINE QUESTIONNAIRE and receive a Free Quote.  Once you receive a quote, we schedule a pick up for your vehicle.  Our drivers will pay you cash on the spot and give you a receipt in the process. 

Our company is equipped to buy you unwanted scrap and junk cars throughout the New York and New Jersey metro areas.  We keep an eye on current market pricing and will get you the best possible price based on those prices.  In many cases, same day pickup is available.